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Leisure Language Learning means: don’t sit at your desk!
Go biking, jogging, shopping, cooking etc. while music is shifting a new language gently and friendly into your brain.

"Hit the Moment" : 

Latest and most effective techniques for free, thanks to European funding!


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You can specify your search by the following keywords:

1. enter “free

2. enter the level and language you want to learn. For example: Beginner French (or "Medium German" or "Advanced English")

3. enter “speaker” and your own language as well as other languages you may know. For example: Romanian English speaker

4. enter topics of your interest. Choose from the following keywords to match the offers: administration, baby care, children, culture, customer services, decoding, ecology, equity, entertainment, environment, family, food, further education, grandparents, health, history, Human Rights, humor, intercultural, language, leisure, love, management, method, migration, music, parents, science, self-development, soft skills, sports, tourism, travelling, youngsters, …
or other topics such as specific sports, school subjects or technical issues etc.


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        DON’Ts                  DOs

Begin by deciphering the letters of a foreign language. Hide the vocabulary and stare silently on foreign sentences in a language learning book the content of which is't quite what you are interested in. Then listen to the sharp tone of impatience in the teacher’s voice that makes you hurry from one sentence to the next, interrupted by silent pauses that get you in trouble when trying to stammer what you have heard.

Your intention to learn a language is likely to remain an intention, as for so many other plans.


Go biking, jogging, cooking, do whatever else you enjoy, while listening to nice music that accompanies exciting information you always wanted to know. While a sentence of these captivating news switches again and again between yours and the other language like a ping pong ball, enter this flow of languages by speaking yourself casually with what you are hearing and thus memorizing in the words of a new language information that is important to you.

Note: you could be at risk of becoming addicted to learning new foreign languages!